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Joseph White, PhD

Executive Director; PhD

Joseph White is the executive director of the Foundation for Family Life (& former professor at South Dakota State & University of Nebraska). For over three decades Dr. White has focused on substance-abuse prevention, responsible fatherhood, & evidence-based risk-prevention programs. He worked with Dakota & Lakota tribes to develop a culturally-specific, family-oriented alcohol, drug, & suicide prevention program (Takoja Niwiciyape: Giving Life to the Grandchildren). Dr. White’s primary focus for the past decade plus has been to reduce relapse & recidivism by providing services for individuals returning from incarceration with substance use disorders through the MentorWorks (sober living) & Redwood Recovery (outpatient treatment) programs. Additionally, his passion for supporting healthy family life has led to the development & creation of the Family Life Coach Institute. Dr. White earned his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University, co-founded the Dakota Fatherhood Initiative, co-authored the book Why Fathers Count, & has authored many professional publications. His recent volunteer efforts include serving as a JustServe specialist. He enjoys playing racquetball, pickleball, four-wheeling, & sudoku. He & Alice, his wife of 34 years, are the parents of 8 children & 5 grandchildren (with 2 on the way!).

Heather Hamm

Family Life Specialist; BS, Certified Family Life Coach

Hi! I’m Heather Hamm, a dedicated family life coach with a wealth of expertise & passion for guiding families toward fulfillment. Armed with a degree in Marriage & Family Studies from BYU-Idaho, along with certifications in Marriage, Family, & Human Relations; Advanced Marriage & Family Functioning; Parent & Family Education; & Health & Life Coaching from The Health Coach Institute, I bring a unique blend of academic knowledge & practical experience to my coaching practice. As a certified Brain Working Recursive Therapist (BWRT), I specialize in helping families navigate challenges, enhance communication, & build resilient bonds. Additionally, I have the privilege of coaching coaches at the Family Life Coach Institute where I share my expertise to empower fellow professionals. Let’s embark on a transformative journey together, where we’ll unlock the potential within your family & create a thriving, unified home.

Rachel Townsend

Executive Assistant; MPH, Certified Family Life Coach

Hi, I’m Rachel Townsend! I received a Masters of Public Health degree from Brigham Young University in April 2023. While interning at the Foundation for Family Life, I became a Certified Family Life Coach, and met some of the most incredible clients & staff that have changed my life forever. I was hired on as the Executive Assistant at FFL and continue to adore my work here. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and I also believe in the power of prevention. In both my work & coaching, I strive to prevent as many heartaches as possible by sharing & teaching foundational family principles. I especially love empowing young couples to find joy in their new marriage & family life. I also have a strong passion for helping good men step into & fulfill their divine roles as Protector & Provider. Excited to work with you! 

Bree Welch

Case Management Supervisor; BS, Certified Family Life Coach

My focus as a Family Life Coach is to help others build healthy habits they can practice in their own homes and relationships to strengthen bonds that are important to them. I strive to help others learn effective communication, exercise compassion, and be genuine. I see myself as your accountability partner, someone who will encourage you to reach your goals and help you navigate the challenges moving forward. I am passionate about helping others improve their relationships, especially in dating, marriage, and parenting.

Breeana Welch gained a bachelor’s degree in Marriage & Family Studies from Brigham Young University-Idaho. She holds three additional certificates from BYU-I: 1) Marriage, Family, & Human Relations, 2) Advanced Marriage & Family Functioning, and 3) Parent & Family Education. She is currently working towards becoming a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) and maintaining her Family Life Coaching license.

Denalee Wilkinson

Assistant Clinical Director; MSPsy, SSW, ASUDC, Certified Family Life Coach

Denalee holds a B.A. in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from Brigham Young University and a M.S. in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. In addition, she has received an ASUDC (advanced substance use disorder counselor) certificate from Utah Valley University. While she has worked in a variety of industries and as an entrepreneur over the last 30 years, her passion lies in helping others find balance within the biopsychosocial model and create intentional lives using cognitive behavioral applications. Her experiences in counseling and coaching have demonstrated that with dedication and the right tools and methodologies, anyone can create the life they want. Over the past several years, Denalee has served in a number of roles at the Family Life Center including volunteer, case manager, intern, group therapy facilitator, therapist, family life coach/cognitive behavioral coach, and this is her second stint as the assistant clinical director. She has been a contributor to various podcasts, magazines, studies, and conferences. A single, sole-custodial parent of seven children for well over a decade, Denalee married her husband, Jason, later in life. The two now find themselves empty nesters which allows her plenty of time to pursue her love of outdoor sports and adventure travel. She is also working on her Spanish with plans to begin doing humanitarian work in South America.

Casey Telford

Program Supervisor; CPSS, Certified Family Life Coach

Casey Telford is the Program Supervisor for our MentorWorks healthy transition homes and Redwood Recovery substance-abuse treatment program. He is a certified Peer Support Specialist, Targeted Case Manager, and MRT instructor (Moral Reconation Therapy),  He works with clients directly along with the treatment team to facilitate the progression from intake to graduation. With 5 years of sobriety and graduating the MentorWorks program in 2019 himself, he understands the challenges of recovery. He believes that quitting drugs and/or alcohol is the easy part. Everything that comes after that is the true challenge. 

Casey is happily married to his wife Danielle. They have 3 beautiful daughters Amber, Harlowe, and Lylah. He spends every day continuing his recovery journey to be the best possible man and father when given the chance to reunite with Harlowe and Lylah.

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