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Rae said that it is the everyday successes that really count. He said there is a brotherhood in the MentorWorks homes that is almost palpable. He said the spiritual base of the Redwood Recovery program helped him find himself again. Because of the support from staff and other men in the program, he transformed his life and has been able to connect with his sons and wife again. He finally feels “there is a future out there for [him], outside of his addiction and his addictive lifestyle.” 

David said he learned not to judge others and make better friends. He recognized that his spiritual strength grew as he worked with others.


Joseph was accepted into the program in a different way. After three times of trying to change his life around, Joseph said he knew he had a family to support so he put them first. He said his family, in turn, supported his recovery from using and abusing drugs. He was honest with others as he took things step by step in his recovery to quit. He turned his life around by sticking to his boundaries to save himself from troubling times during his progression in the program. He has since found peace with himself and with his wife and children.


Tyler realized one day after being in a jail cell that he needed to change. He said that when he was introduced to the Redwood Recovery program he decided to live a life of sobriety. He had to relearn many things that would help him get his life back on track and start fresh and new. He said he was able to drop his addictions and gain confidence and happiness in himself to never pick up those bad habits and cravings again. He shares that, “You are ready when you choose to be ready! If you have a burning desire to quit then reach out to others while you can, they can help!”


Our veterans are sometimes the ones that get hit the hardest. Richard said his addiction to meth started in the last 2 years of his 10-year military service. He shared that he lost many material things, but the worst part was losing his family and his credibility. He said Redwood Recovery and MentorWorks fostered a brotherhood that allowed him to support others in their struggles and simultaneously work through his own, with their support and the support of staff. He tells the incredible story of gaining back a relationship with his daughter – first where she started talking to him again and allowing him to be involved in her life – then progressing to a point where they now share a home together. He says that he finally feels happy and complete.